Professional grade workshop

If you want your repaired devices to literally be "good-as-new", you need the right tools.
We have a fully-equipped, professional workshop, with all of the specialised tools needed to repair your device.

Deveice Repair Centre professional workshop

Qualified technicians | Certified Staff | Professional tools | OEM Certified | Genuine replacement parts.

We have invested significantly in creating a state-of-the-art Technical workshop, to ensure all of our repairs are done according to manufacturer's specification.
Technical Workshop
Our technical workshop is fully kitted out, with rubberised flooring to prevent damage from static, shrink machines to properly reseal phones after a repair (properly waterproofed), oscilloscopes for diagnostic testing & every kind of spare part you can imagine
Walk-in center
Our new walk-in center makes it easy to get your device fixed. Our experts will explain what we do and how everything works, so you will know exactly what you are in for. No hidden surprises!

Yip! We have all the right tools.

Our fully equipped, professional grade workshop ensures that your devices are guaranteed to be restored to the highest possible. This is not possible with backyard tools and repairs.