Device Repair Centre Policy

We want to make sure that you understand exactly what you are signing up for.
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This Repairs Policy describes our terms and conditions regarding device repairs.
By using our service, you agree to these terms and conditions. 


In accordance with Section 18 of the POPI Act, you need to be made aware that your device will be accessed for repair and diagnostic purposes. You can rest assured knowing that your personal information will be kept safe. DRC has followed the necessary compliance requirements set out by the POPI Act. These strict guidelines are enforced in the workplace and amongst our employees.

Pre-repair assessment costs

Prior to DRC commencing work on a device, we need to inspect the device to determine the cause of the problem.

  • Should you decided not to accept the DRC repair quotation, you will be required to pay for the problem assessment.
  • Please ensure that you are fully aware of the amount of pre-repair assessment cost, prior to requesting DRC to undertake preparing a repair quotation.

Standard Repair Warranty

For 90 days after the date of a repair, we will resolve any problems that were caused during the repair or replace any defective parts installed in the originally repaired device, at no cost to the customer.

  • If, for some reason, the device proves irreparable or cannot be repaired by our parts, we will uninstall our part(s) and provide a full refund.
  • Any physical damage, liquid damage, abuse, misuse, modification, or servicing by any company other than us will void all warranties provided.

Accidental Damage Warranty

Accidental damage caused by a DRC technician while rendering a service will be covered by this policy, as long as the affected parts or functionality were fully testable prior to performing the service. 

  • Any damage caused which is repairable will be repaired as quickly as possible at no additional cost to you.
  • If damage is caused during a repair which proves irreparable, we will replace the device with an identical or comparable device within a reasonable amount of time.
  • You will not be charged additional fees for a device replacement, but will be required to pay in full for the originally agreed upon service. 

Accidental Data loss

As part of the device repair, we may need to update the system or restore it to its original factory settings.

  • The DRC technician will assume that you have made a backup of your data, and that you will be responsible for the restoration of any data and applications installed on the device.
  • DRC cannot be held accountable for any data or system loss incurred as a result of the repair process.

Testing & Diagnostics 

Full diagnostic testing will need to be completed to ensure that your device will be returned to you in 100% working order.  To do so, our Quality Controller will need to access your settings to test your device.  

  • Unless explicitly expressed otherwise, we assume that such consent has been given to DRC for the purposes of performing the necessary testing.

Repair Return Policy

Any defective parts used in a repair are covered under applicable repair warranties.

  • No refunds will be made for repairs except when covered under applicable warranties.

Repair Deposit Return Policy

Repair deposits may be refunded prior to the ordering of spare parts.

  • Any deposits paid for a repair which was not able to be completed successfully, will be refunded in full.

Item Abandonment

Device Abandonment

Customer devices left at our store longer than 90 days will be considered abandoned.

  • We will make at least three attempts to contact you regarding an abandoned device within this time period.
  • If, during this time, you have not arranged an extended hold time or contact has been unsuccessful, we will claim possession of the device.
  • Any payments made for repair services on an abandoned device will be forfeit.

Part Abandonment

Parts ordered and on hold for you, will be held for a maximum of 30 days.

  • We will make at least three attempts to contact you, to notify you of part arrival within this time.
  • If you have not arranged an extended hold time or contact has been unsuccessful, we will return the parts to inventory.
  • Any deposits paid for parts ordered will be forfeit.

Changes to this Repair Policy

We may update our Repair Policy from time to time. 

Changes to this Repair Policy are effective when they are posted on this page.

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